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Some people say that Hedonism II is known as one of the craziest places on earth that you could ever go to. The wild parties, theme nights, drunken hot tub encounters, has made memorable stories for all the many adventurous adults that have chosen to visit Hedo at least once.

We have all had our fair share of Hedonism experiences and our friends put a list together of the top 10 things most likely to happen to you at Hedonism II.

#10.  You’re most likely to end up on stage and make a fool of yourself. 

One of the best parts about Hedonism II is the entertainment staff they have. The staff works 16 hour days to ensure that you enjoy your vacation. They host nightly games and contests on-stage and before you leave, you will most likely be lured into getting involved in one of those contests. These ridiculous moments however are what make your Hedo vacation so special. Don’t resist, just go with it!

#9.  You’ll mostly likely end up over the Nude Beach Grill in a line for Jerk Chicken

Not sure exactly why, but the Jerk Chicken by the nude pool grill always tastes way better than the one on the main beach. Before the week ends, the news does get around to everyone and by mid-week, the 4:30 jerk chicken line is 30 people long and I don’t think it has anything to do with chicken.

#8.  You will end up getting several proposals to go back to someone’s room.

It’s Hedo, what do you expect. Anything is possible at Hedonism II and everyone is willing to give something “new” a try, even if just once. Feel free to say “no” and take it as a compliment.  It’s normal to get propositioned at Hedo. Most people are very polite about it so don’t worry, they won’t harass you once you say no…Be open-minded, you may just like it.

#7.  Your room key may not work at least twice.

It always happens. Normally at around 4:30 in the morning after you have spent 45 minutes trying to find your room because you are too drunk to remember where it is. I promise when you do find your room, once or twice before you leave, you will end up walking up to the lobby to get your room key re-programmed.

#6. You will end up giving a standing ovation to a Drag show

One of the single biggest assets Hedonism II has is, long standing entertainment coordinator, Winston “Winstina” Deveraux . Winston can sing, dance, and entertain like you have never seen, but when it comes to doing a drag show, you will probably not witness a better drag performance anywhere else. He could easily be on broad way, but Hedo is way more fun.

#5.  You will be trying to pick up one of the HOT Entertainment staff members.

They should and they will most likely turn you down politely, or even possibly make you think there is a slight possibility of it happening until it is time for you to leave. Why not give it a try though. Hedonism hires very attractive, talented young Jamaican males and females to be the resident entertainers. Half of the time they are on stage with their perfect bodies, dressed in as little clothes as you possibly can wear without being naked. It is hard for your mind not to end up in dark places when you are sitting there watching. If nothing else, you will have great eye-candy all week.

#4. You will end up having sex with somebody you wouldn’t look twice at in the regular world

It’s Hedo. Nobody knows, nobody cares. Blame it on the alcohol, the sun, or the weed.  You will likely just get caught up in the moment and you really didn’t intend for it to go beyond the blowjob you politely accepted. Your hormones however got the best of you and you went all the way. My advice to you is, always walk with condoms. Male and female. You just never know when you might get that “indecent proposal”

#3. You will end up dancing naked on the Piano Bar

We are not a huge fan of piano bars. Most times I find them boring. However, the Hedo piano bar is no regular piano bar. Not only is it incredibly entertaining, with Dion and Stephanie providing a great mixture of perverted remixes to your favorite oldies song, along with some up-tempo dance music, but you will also get to enjoy several ladies and sometimes guys going up on the piano to dance and get naked. If you are a Hedo virgin, you will be an easy target for the first person on the piano. 

#2. You will probably stay up all night to your neighbors having an orgy.

It could be this or it could be your 9-month-old baby that won’t stop crying. Relax, you’re on vacation at Hedonism. This is probably going to go on until 6:30am in the morning so you might as well go with it. At this point you only have two choices, be miserable or be fucking. If you are with your partner, you could get your own party started as well, or you could go next door and politely ask if you could join their party. If they don’t want you to join, they may be nice enough to let you watch. I am sure a good night’s sleep was nowhere in the Hedo brochure so don’t complain, it’s a part of the package. Sleep when you go home.

#1. You will probably end up in the nude hot tub at 2:00am having sex in public.

What happens at Hedonism II, never happened! That’s the motto for the week. After hearing all the hot-tub stories for six day in a row, it is your last night and that little voice inside just keeps telling you, your Hedo experience will not be completed unless you get naked and take a trip over to that 2:00am hot-tub party. You end up over there wrapped in your towel just watching for the first thirty minutes, and all of a sudden, you are all the way in. It won’t be long before all the blood in your body ends up in your pelvic region and before you know it you are now the star of the show, throwing down with your partner, or somebody else’s partner or even a drunk single guy or girl that for some reason has become friends with everybody by now. It’s Hedonism nobody knows you, nobody cares!!!

There is no party like a Hedo party because a Hedo party doesn’t stop. This place is the ultimate playground for adults and these along with other crazy experiences is what has made Hedonism the place it is, and they have been creating unique stories for over 30 years.

So if you are planning a trip down to Hedo, print a copy of this list, and if you haven’t done them all, you should probably book another trip!

Thank you to our wonderful friends at AdultVacationParties for putting this list together